A unique sound from pop, soul and opera!

MARIANNA CATALDI is a voice out of the box: the interpreter of a new genre somewhere between pop, soul and opera, sung with an original vocal style, full of personality, magical and passionate, recognizable from the first notes, and once heard, never forgotten.

THE POWER OF PASSION is an ambitious project and international, that with the strength of melody and emotions gets to the heart of a pop audience as well as those with cultured tastes, through a repertoire of  movie soundtrack love themes played by a magnificent symphonic orchestra.

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Releasedate physical & digital: 22.05.2015


Presalestart: 20.04.2015


Germany, Austria, Switzerland by Sony Music Germany.


 May 2015 – WORLD (By Naxos) 

A unique sound from pop, soul and opera! - www.mariannacataldi.com


DOLCE FOLLIA (Tv theme) Original italian soundtrack of telenovela "LA FORZA DEL DESIDERIO",







 - www.mariannacataldi.com

Music & lyrics: MARIANNA CATALDI